We specialize
in sweet drinks!
You can choose from:
milk tea

Our milk tea is made from high-quality tea imported directly from Taiwan and are all infused with whole milk. Try it with a topping!

sugar & dairy free milk tea

All of our sugar & dairy free drinks are steeped in 100% organic tea leaves, perfect for those caffeinating while on stringent nutrition plans.

fruit tea

Our fruit teas are made from our oolong leaves that are grown from some of the highest mountains in Taiwan; 8,000 ft to be exact.


All of our milkshakes are made with 100% milk and ice cream. Some of our must-try flavors are Snickers and Pistachio.


All smoothies in this offering are made with a unique combination of milk, ice cream, and/or frozen fruits.

all natural smoothie

100% Organic and dairy free; our all natural smoothies are packed with fiber, protein, calcium, and antioxidants.

premium drink

We’ve innovated several brewing methods to create some of the most remarkable drinks.

coffee, espresso, & tea

We use Sightglass Coffee espresso beans and organic tea leaves from Art of Tea.

bowls & shaved ice

Tea Stop offers some of the world’s most popular shaved ice and dessert bowls!


Our unique coffee frappes are blended using Sightglass Coffee espresso beans.

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